Darul Ahnaf New York designed this course to provide in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Higher Islamic Sciences. This program is uniquely designed and well-structured for all Muslims, whether they want to serve the community professionally as Imams, Muftis, teachers, and leaders or wish to acquire in-depth knowledge about Islam.

The Alim Course curriculum is based on the traditional madrasah curriculum, taught in Islamic Madrasa worldwide. 

The curriculum covers Arabic Grammar, Literature, Syntax, Morphology, Logic, Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Hadith, Principles of Hadith, Quran Exegesis, Principles of the Quran Theology, Seerah, and other essentials.

We devised this course to allow students to attain the necessary tool of Islamic education to study Islamic Sciences in an environment where they will not have to compromise any of their religious beliefs or values. 


Equipped with a sound grounding in Islamic Sciences, it is inevitable that this course will make its students be true representatives of Islam. Our Alim course is a 7-year intensive course.