The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.” [Al-Bukhari].

Our After-School Maktab is specially designed for regular public or other school-going children. These courses for children take young learners from zero Arabic to efficient reading in just two years. These courses focus on not only reading skills to make your child Quran-ready, but they will also memorize plenty of Surah, dua, and Basic Islamic Studies.

Most importantly, our activity-driven teaching will ensure your child will not just be learning the holy Quran – they’ll be having a ton of fun! The course is divided into 6 levels, each consisting of approx. 4 months.

Course Objective:

  • Course Duration: 2 Years
  • Semester Duration: 4 Months
  • Class Method: Live with Zoom
  • Age: 7-13years old | Boys & Girls
  • Free books & Materials
  • Monthly Fee: $100 Only
  • No Registration fee

“Read The Qur’an, For It Will Come As An Intercessor For Its Reciters On The Day Of Resurrection.” [Muslim-804].

The Messenger Of Allah (ﷺ) Said, “The One Who Is Proficient In The Recitation Of The Qur’an Will Be With The Honorable And Obedient Scribes (Angels). And He Who Recites The Qur’an And Finds It Difficult To Recite, Doing His Best To Recite It In The Best Way Possible, Will Have A Double Reward.”[Al-Bukhari And Muslim].

  • Short Surah Memorization
  • Masnoon Dua Memorization
  • Quran Reading With Tajweed
  • Moral & Manners
  • Islamic Fiqh
  • Seerah & Islamic History
  • USA Based Syllabus
  • Individualized Approach
  • Professional Male & Female Teachers
  • Small Class Size
  • Regular Process Tracking
  • No Need To Drive Kids Out Of The Home.